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Website Upgrade & Personalization

Website redesign services
Does your website have these problems:

  • Low site visiting, slow user number growth, cannot achieve the ideal goal
  • Poor overall image: website can not fully reveal brand image and business strength
  • Unreasonable planning, poor operation experience, no humanized and accuracy guide, unable to attract customers for a second visit
  • Poor scalability of the website, many valuable data fails to be effectively explored, unable to meet the business development needs

Our website Website Upgrade & Personalization include: redesign, optimization and update for business websites. Some informal network companies may lead to client loss and the website domains which the clients put too much cost for publicity only reveal their mistakes. Meanwhile, the website quality directly affects some key aspects such as search engine indexing. So considering long-term development for enterprises, we will be the very much first choice. We, as a professional brand network company, can better solve the issues and provide more security.

  • Help the "new-type" enterprises, shape brand image from a high starting point, catch up from behind
  • Help enterprises remodel brand image, enhance competitiveness in the market.
  • Help industry websites promote brand names, reputation and sales rapidly.
  • Help enterprises create more value from internet.

Redesign specific services scope:

* Enhancing coordination of the overall quality website:

We provide overall planning service to make the website completely qualified, including: detailed and overall quality control, reasonable overall CSS style sheet layout, compatibility (the browser, resolution, etc), debugging and works independently increased for design needs(for example, js, gif effects).

* Structural upgrading of the website:

Style and structure design featuring with enterprise operating characteristics according to CI, VI, and UI.

* Application upgrading:

Rich website functions to meet the marketing and publicity needs of target clients.

* digital image upgrading:

Design more personalized English domain names and website logos, new promotional slogans, which make your network brand image more relevant to corporate image and products.

* Feature upgrades:

The purpose of establishing website is to build a good corporate image. However, it may be damaged by an inappropriate website image. A non-functional design or a personalized website will increase the difficulties for customers to view and they will become tired of it very quickly.

The process of upgrading and redesigning:

  • Website target function analysis
  • Website contents analysis
  • Website technical analysis
  • Website image analysis
  • Website environment analysis
  • Platform optimization
  • Design phase

Our Initiatives:

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