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Training And Development

A well-defined Training And Development ensures that the people at valDot are aware of future focuses and goals, while at the same time feel reassured about their growth prospect.


A well planned, carefully designed induction program is conducted for new hires. Our elaborate induction program helps them develop a bond, a feeling of oneness, which makes their stay in the organization comfortable. The business communication session is a unique and an integral part of the whole program.


Training is a well-conceived, focused program that builds not only technical skills, but also soft skills that employees can use toward building their careers. Dedicated Training Group. Training targets include technical and soft skills per person per year. In addition management development programs are aim for managers and above. Scientific approach for assessing specific training needs for each employee. Business-focused approach for need-based soft skills training. Company-assisted training to employees for technical certifications. Cross-technical training for overall skill enhancements and growth. Knowledge management.


At valDot, growth is a well-defined path. The process involves the following : A career training and growth roadmap for every employee. A mechanism that spots out high-potential, fast-track Infogainers. Accelerated growth for excellent performers, to support business plans. Spotting successors across streams.

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