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Traffic Exchange

ValDot specialise in traffic exchange scripts and software, aiming to provide personalised cost effective solutions for those wishing to start a site of their own. Our programmer is able to transfer your current member database with complete respect of your privacy and the privacy of your clients.

What is a traffic exchange?
A traffic exchange service or Web-site is a broad term used to describe a Web-site or business that provides a Web-site visitor exchange service. There are many different types of traffic exchange services, varying from Click traffic exchanges to text ad/banner traffic exchanges and almost anything else in-between (there are new forms/concepts of traffic exchanges released every day). Possibly the more common (and the type of traffic exchange scripts we sell) is a click traffic exchange which comes in the form of Manual surfing/clicking and/or Auto surfing/clicking. This type of traffic exchange is powered by a traffic exchange script that runs entirely on the traffic exchange owner's Web server. This therefore means that software installation is not necessary for members to use the traffic exchange service. Members can simply open their preferred Web-browser to a special URL or login to the traffic exchange Web-site to begin surfing and earning credits.

A click traffic exchange is usually based on a credit system (other traffic exchange services may be based on a money/cash or points system). Members can advertise their own sites or affiliate URLs at a specified rate by the traffic exchange owner (usually one credit per visitor). Members also earn credits by viewing other member Web-sites (earning usually 0.5 - 1 credit per site viewed - this again is set by the traffic exchange owner and can vary from one traffic exchange to the next). To earn revenue, traffic exchange owners sell account upgrades, advertising credits and other site/special promotions. Some traffic exchange owners give a portion of this revenue back to members through a credit trade system.

ValDot provides good quality traffic exchange at very low cost.

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