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Case Study

The Need:
A startup performance testing company came to us to help boost online attendance to their monthly webcasts.

The Strategy:
We carefully examined the following items:
  • Their existing offers
  • The media used to reach their audience
  • The decision-making process used to purchase their products

We wanted to understand mission critical issues that would separate this client from their competition. After a quick study we were able to identify the appropriate online and offline media universe that met the client target audience and that matched other results for decision makers and also provided quick turnaround for time-sensitive online seminar deadlines.

Our approach is to manage all Business-to-Business media for the technology sector and provide a test that would give us the data we wanted to generate a consistent flow of traffic to the client¡¦s webcasts and quality sales leads to their hungry sales force.

The Results:
The tests were successful, and the client has been using ValDot to manage all their media planning and buying and to generate a consistent flow of quality sales leads each month.

The Future:
The client continues to return to ValDot for the latest media research, logistical planning and management to support their serious efforts for long term success in finding technology buyers.

The Need:
A major enterprise software company came to ValDot to create a long-term plan to build a formidable database of quality sales leads across several continents for their business services software. Business services purchasing decisions are multi tasked and you must be aware of the range of influencers and how to develop a media plan that would create the sort of incentives that would encourage a consensus methodology. They wanted us to handle all the major, and minor, media planning and buying and they wanted a full time resource working with them to boost their lead generation efforts.

The Strategy:
Working with the client, we developed a three-prong test strategy for the campaign:
  • Work with creative team to Identify the universe of media opportunities that reach the potential decision-makers within the scope of the product.
  • Build a test matrix of media opportunities for a series of offers based on experience and requirements for client's marketing plan.
  • Test offers and media sources to determine successful rollout candidates.
With resulting data from different creative and potential media, email lists, newsletter sponsorships, "lead-guarantee" programs and value added sources in hand, we began testing the different variables to determine the winners. After the results were in, Valdot analyzed the data and made recommendations to the client for the next steps of the campaign. Valdot worked with the client CRM resource to insure a steady procession of quality sales leads for several different offers.

The Results:
The resulting rollout of the media plan with the crafted messages had a conversion rate of 40% and cut the client¡¦s historical cost-per-lead in half. Lead quality, it turned out, was the most important criterion and it was simple to quickly capitalize on the results.

The Future: 
ValDot  will maintain the media and marketing history and develop a seamless low stress formula that will work with client product and marketing folks to maintain the assets created and be able to further nurture the process and the individuals buying products from our client. The benefit for the client was that they were able to focus on their core job and allow ValDot to provide an additional team of experts to find the best media, insure quality execution and more than pay for our services in the value added area.

Our Initiatives:

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