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Link Exchange

Link Exchange can dramatically increase traffic to your web site. Well placed links are an excellent source of consistent and targeted traffic. There is no secret to rank better in search engines. The best way is to develop as many links to other related websites as possible.

When people find your website link on other website, they take it as a recommendation of your site and they directly come to your site. It seems your company is established and it has a good impact on customers even if your company is new. So the benefit is people directly come to your site through link. Search engines find these links pointing to your website and reward your website more and more with better search engine placements.

Link Exchange is one of the most important key factors for search engine optimization process. Most of the top ranking search engines and directories always rank web sites on the basis and on the number of the exchanged links. This is called incoming links.

Link Exchange is the practice of exchanging links with other websites. The simplest way of doing it is to send a mail to another website belonging to your industry and ask for link exchange. Link exchange generates free traffic to your site. It will bring direct targeted traffic to your site.

In Google’s ranking algorithm link popularity is considers to be the most important factor.

 Some of the search engines rank the site on the basis of the members outgoing links a site has. The site having numbers of outgoing hyperlinks of the same and similar area is considered as an authority, and the site having numbers of links of different area is called a hub.

Relevance of links is important. It's best if the links in the site are of same area and related in the subject of your site. If the links are exchanged from the same theme of link then everyone benefits from this type of link exchange.

Benefits of Links Exchange

As we know that link exchange increases the traffic to our website. Links with good sites helps in top search engine rankings. The benefits you derive from our link exchange program are:

  • Link Exchange Increases Link Popularity
  • Link Exchange Increases Search Engine Ranking
  • Link Exchange Increases Page Rank (PR)
  • Link Exchange Traffic From Reciprocal Links On Other Sites
  • Swap
  • Links And Build Partnership With Other Webmasters
  • You Can Save A Lot Of Advertisement Cost.
  • You Will Get More Customers And Hence More Sales.

Our Initiatives:

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